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Published onAug 02, 2019

Texture is an XML-based authoring and editing tool developed by the Substance Consortium, which includes PKP and eLife. Texture is a visual editor that natively produces a subset of JATS XML (inspired by JATS4R), which it encapsulates along with media and dependencies in its DAR file format. Texture offers a user-friendly editing XML interface, and can be integrated into other tools, such as OJS. eLife's Libero Producer is based on Texture, as is Stencila.

Basic Info:

Institutional host: Substance Consortium
Principal investigator: Michael Aufreiter; Oliver Buchtala
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: Michael Aufreiter; Oliver Buchtala
Funding sources: partners
Development partners: eLife, PKP
Partners: eLife, PKP, Érudit, SciELO, EMBO SourceData
Initial release: 2011
Version (as of June 2019): 2.3

Github (as of April 2019):

Language: JavaScript
License: MIT
Last commit: 2019-04-12
Contributors: 10

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