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Open Journal Systems

Published onAug 02, 2019
Open Journal Systems

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is the world's most widely used open-source journal management and publishing system. Developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), OJS can be downloaded and installed locally but is also commonly hosted by library or institutional IT services. OJS manages workflow for the entire refereed publishing process, providing a common model for the operational processes of a peer-reviewed journal. Through the PKP, OJS also connects with myriad indexing, identification, discoverability, and preservation services.

Basic info:

Institutional host: Public Knowledge Project, SFU
Principal investigator: John Willinsky
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: Alec Smecher
Fundering sources: CFI; SSHRC; CIRA; Arnold; MacArthur; SFU Library; Stanford University MediaX; as well as a network of fee-for-service "sustainers"
Development partners: Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL), U of Alberta Libraries, UBC Libraries, U of Pittsburgh Libraries, Ubiquity Press.
Partners: 24 "strategic partners"
Initial release: 2002
Version (as of June 2019): 3.1.2

Github (as of April 2019):

Language: PHP
License: GPL v2
Last commit: 2019-04-24
Contributors: 92

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