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Libero Producer

Published onAug 02, 2019
Libero Producer

Libero Producer is the first of three journal publishing modules developed by eLife. Libero Producer is based on's Texture editor which provides a visual, browser-based JATS XML editing and viewing interface.

Basic Info:

Institutional host: eLife
Principal investigator: Maël Plaine
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: Maël Plaine
Funding sources: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Max Planck Society, Wellcome Trust, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Development partners: Digirati
Partners: Coko; Substance, Hindawi;
Initial release: 2019
Version (as of June 2019): current

Github (as of June 2019):

Libero Producer is tightly tied to Texture editor; see the Texture repo at

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