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Manifold Scholarship

Published onAug 02, 2019
Manifold Scholarship

Manifold is a collaborative, web-based scholarly publishing system designed by the University of Minnesota Press and the CUNY Graduate Center. Manifold provides a dynamic approach to publishing book-length works capable of gathering commentary, annotation, and revisions within the publication. Built to publish long-form digital monographs, Manifold is also used in service of open educational resources, journals, and collaborative scholarly projects. Tt is currently used by twenty-eight publishers, including the University of Minnesota Press, the City University of New York, and the University of Arizona Press, as well as digital humanities centers and teaching and learning centers.

Basic Info:

Institutional host: University of Minnesota Press & the CUNY Graduate Centre
Principal investigator: Doug Armato and Matthew K Gold
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: Zach Davis
Funding sources: Mellon
Development partners: Cast Iron Coding
Partners: CUNY Graduate Centre Digital Scholarship Lab, plus 20 pilot-test presses
Initial release: 2018
Version (as of June 2019): 3.0.1

Github (as of April 2019):

Language: Ruby, JavaScript
License: GPL v3
Last commit: 2019-04-23
Contributors: 10

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