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Published onAug 02, 2019

Fulcrum is the University of Michigan Library's ebook hosting, preservation, and media integration platform, developed on top of the Samvera repository platform. Fulcrum allows authors and publishers to integrate multimedia elements into a book—linked from a print book or directly integrated in an ebook—while providing a robust, richly described, and accessible reader environment and a discoverability platform for ebook collections. Fulcrum is a platform available to UMichigan Press authors, as well as a service offered to other publishers. Fulcrum makes use of epub.js, AblePlayer,, and Editoria (in testing) to provide basic and enhanced functionality.

Basic Info:

Institutional host: University of Michigan Library and Press
Principal investigator: Charles Watkinson
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: Jeremy Morse
Funding sources: Mellon
Development partners:
Partners: ACLS Humanities E-Book, Northwestern U Press, Penn State, U Minnesota Press, Lever Press, NYU Press, U Michigan Press, Indiana U Press, Amherst College Press, University of Sussex Library, National Museum of Japanese History.
Initial release: 2018
Version (as of June 2019): 2.38 (Heliotrope)

Github (as of April 2019):

Language: Ruby
License: Apache 2.0
Last commit: 2019-04-23
Contributors: 15

Adrian Driscoll:

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