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Published onAug 02, 2019

Omeka is a web-based platform for creating and sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits. Initially developed at George Mason University and sustained by the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, Omeka has been primarily targeted towards libraries, museums, historical societies, and the like. Omeka enables institutions to publish collections and narrative exhibits to the web easily, but its publishing features, standards-based metadata, collection management, and authoring tools make it a publishing system more generally. Omeka S, a newer variant than Omeka Classic, supports multiple publications from a single installation, with a linked open data infrastructure.

Basic Info:

Institutional host: George Mason University
Principal investigator: Sharon Leon
Contact: [email protected]
Lead developer: John Flatness
Funding sources: Sloan; Kress; Mellon; Getty; IMLS; NEH; Library of COngress Corporation for Digital Scholarship
Development partners: Corporation for Digital Scholarship
Initial release: 2008
Version (as of June 2019): Omeka S 1.4; Omeka Classic 2.7

Github (as of April 2019):

Omeka Classic

Language: PHP
License: GPL v3
Last commit: 2019-03-27
Contributors: 32

Omeka S

Language: PHP
License: GPL v3
Last commit: 2019-04-22
Contributors: 19

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